Wednesday, 23 March 2016

top tips: 5 products you need to style a fringe

A fringe is a great way to create a new look without loosing any length in your hair style. If you've taken the leap and had a fringe cut, you might suddenly be wondering how you style it and what you need to style it.  I blogged about my inspiration and ideas for a fringe at the weekend.

I realised that once the baby arrives I will have little no time to wash my hair, let alone style it. So I decided that three months out from the big due date, I would mix up hair style a bit and add a fringe. I've had a fringe before and know that they take a little extra attention so thought that while I was still able, I'd change it up.

There are a few tools and products that really help when it comes to a fringe:

  1. Hair dryer. Even if, like me, you're unable to give yourself anything close to a professional blow dry, your fringe will be somewhere you can excel. I'm rubbish at blow drying my hair but I am ok at my fringe. I tend to clip the top layer of my fringe back and then blow dry the bottom layer first. Make sure to point the nozzle down the hair from the roots. Dry to one side and then to the other side, to ensure it moves freely.
  2. Round brush. I swear by my large round brush to give my fringe a good amount of bounce. As I'm blow drying the fringe, I use this underneath the layers. I swear by my Denman Head Hugger brush for this - it also helps to blow dry the sides of my hair well too.
  3. Straighteners. If I want my fringe to last all day, rain or shine, I run the straighteners over my fringe too. It helps to "finish" the look.
  4. Dry shampoo. Your fringe sits right on your forehead, right where you'll likely have applied day cream, foundation and possibly even powder. You might also, like me, find yourself playing with your new fringe more than normal. All of this equates to a quickly greasy fringe. Yuck! Dry shampoo is a godsend. Keep a small can in your handbag for daytime touch ups, if necessary. I love Batiste dry shampoo for their really affordable collection and extensive fragrance range.
  5. Grooming brush. Keep a grooming brush handy throughout the day to keep your fringe looking smooth and sleek. Also, you'll find your new fringe is a little susceptible to any gusts of wind. Denman grooming brushes are my favourite - they offer a really affordable collection. If you're after something more high end, you could try Mason Pearson who are famous for their grooming brushes.
  6. Hair spray. Ok, so that makes six - I know! But if you find your fringe is splitting during the day, spritz a little hair spray over it and it should stay as you want it all day.

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