Friday, 18 March 2016

style: Next maternity jeans

I bought my first piece of maternity clothing at 14 weeks. It felt like it was really early but my skinny jeans were feeling very skinny and as I was still suffering from nausea, I wanted something that felt more comfortable around my middle. So my first maternity purchase was a pair of jeans and they were a revelation. A friend of mine who was nearing the end of her pregnancy at the time said she’d gone out at 14 weeks and bought new jeans, a size up from usual, only to then have to buy maternity jeans a few weeks later. I figured I may as well save my pennies and just take the plunge!

I've tried two different brands so far: H&M and Next.

The Next jeans (that I'm wearing in these photos) are more of a geniune denim which makes them a little less stretchy but the big bonus of the Next jeans is that they come in different leg lengths! For a short girl, different leg lengths is a must! I usually have to do a DIY turn up job on my jeans! The Next jeans also have a button on the lower waistband - in addition to the over the bump band.

Next (!!) up, I want to get a pair of their black leggings style jeans which I think will be a little more flexible.

I'm wearing: Next maternity jeans, Matalan maternity top (I love the scooped hem of this top - plus it was only £8!), Mango leather jacket (like cardigans, I'm making use of pre-maternity jackets and just not doing them up) and Superego trainers.

*Disclosure: I was sent the Next maternity jeans to try but all views are my own.

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