Wednesday, 2 March 2016

pampering before the pampers!

I’ve said before that I’ve struggled with being pregnant. The morning sickness – which lasted all day for most of the period between week six and week 16 – meant that any pampering went out of the window really. Just showering and getting dressed each day and going to work felt like an achievement.

Before I was pregnant, I would paint my nails at least once – sometimes, twice – a week. It was my little treat to myself, a little bit of time out when I would completely concentrate on me for half an hour or so. I love the whole process of removing old polish, filing my nails, moisturising my hands, applying a base coat and then choosing a coloured polish.

As I finally begin to feel a little more like myself, I decided to dedicate a little time to myself. No7 sent me a box at the end of last year (yep, terrible blogger for sitting on it for this long!) with some different coloured make-up products as a part of their #ColourYourWay campaign. Have you seen the advert on TV? It’s running at the moment - I love it – it makes me really excited for summer!

In my box from No7 was the gorgeous blue polish from the ad – No7 Gel Look Shine Nail Colour in Persian Blue. I totally love this colour (so much so that it was one of the colours for my wedding – think, shoes, bridesmaids’ dresses and more!) So I decided to give myself a pedicure – while I can still reach my feet! Again, I love the whole process of doing my toe nails too. I allow them to soak, I then cut them and shape them. Then a use a separator and take my time, applying a base coat (the No7 Ridge Filling Base is my current choice) and then the colour.

Next up, tackling my poor finger nails...

*Disclosure: No7 sent me a box of make-up to try out. As always, all views are my own.

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