Sunday, 20 March 2016

style: new hair do inspiration

I'm in need of a new hair do. This happens every 6-12 months that I suddenly decide to do something different. Last summer, after my wedding and honeymoon, I chopped my long hair off into a bob. I loved the freedom it gave me for the summer and the fact that it completely changed my look. Since Christmas I've been gradually growing out the bob (it is now shoulder length) so that when baby arrives, I can tie it up and hide the fact that I've not washed it for days! For now, though, without a baby in tow, I figure I can have one last style (for a while) that needs a bit of effort. So I've gone for a fringe. I'm not new to a fringe, I've had them before and I always love them for a bit and then grow them out.

Of course, a new do requires a Pinterest board - here is some of my fringe inspiration:

fringe benefits

All images via Pinterest

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