Wednesday, 30 November 2016

style: what to wear when breastfeeding #5

Breastfeeding outfits can be hard to come by - particularly if you're unprepared to leave your previous style behind. I was so excited in the final weeks of pregnancy about getting my body - and wardrobe - back (also about meeting the baby - obviously!!). Turns out though that I'd not factored in the fact that I would still be sporting a bump for quite a while and that I'd need easy access for breastfeeding too.

I'm also aware that I won't be breastfeeding forever and want to make sure that any purchases now will last beyond this period. I've mainly been living in jeans and the couple of Marks and Spencer nursing striped tops I have. But it can get a little dull. So I decided to go on the hunt for a few dresses. This star print shirt dress from boohoo is the first I found. I love the pattern on it and the placket elevates it from a simple shirt dress.


Monday, 28 November 2016

20 thoughts my baby has at nap time

I can’t comment on anyone else’s bundle of joy but my bundle seems to delight in putting off nap time for as long as possible. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this is what was going through his head at nap time….

  1. Feeling pretty tired now. It’s been at least two hours since I got mummy up. After I’d woken her up at least every hour in the night. I don’t want her to get lonely in the night.
  2. I’ll maybe give my eyes a rub. And yawn a bit. Might whinge a little too. Just so that mummy gets the idea that I’m tired.
  3. But what’s this? She’s putting me in my cot? For a nap? Oh no. That’s not what’s happening mummy!
  4. Well I might as well lie here for a few minutes. Let her think that I’m ready to go to sleep. In my cot. On my own. For the first time ever.
  5. But no. She’s been gone just long enough to be sitting down with a hot drink now. Well more fool her. I’ll cry and she’ll come.
  6. But wait, she did come but only to give me a kiss and a pat and to go again.
  7. Well two can play this game. I can cry all day if I need to.
  8. [some time later…] Yep she’s giving up. I can tell. I’m winning here.
  9. Right, we’re out of the cot and back down with mummy. Result.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

style: mum coat

The cold and wet has arrived: it is now most definitely coat weather. This winter, I'm on maternity leave and so far, my maternity leave has been dominated by walks with the baby in his pram. I was lucky that he was born in the summer and that this particular summer has been lovely and dry but as we march on into winter, wetter days will be more frequent. With this in mind, I started my hunt for a mum coat. My mum coat had to tick a few boxes: 1. be warm, 2. be waterproof, and 3. be stylish. Not too much to ask?

I'd actually spotted this coat in Joules last winter and loved it but as I was pregnant, I didn't really feel like buying clothes that I'd soon be too big for. And am I glad I waited as I got it with 25% off a few weeks ago! It proved perfect for our recent weekend away in west Wales where walks in the countryside and along the beach were the order of the day.

If you're on the hunt for a mum coat this winter, look no further as I've found five of my favourites for you here:

mum style: coats

Shop the post: 1. Luxe Black And Blue Parka Coat at Dorothy Perkins; 2. Uniqlo Light Weight Down Hooded Coat; 3. Hush Eskimo Parka; 4. Fat Face Cheshire Jacket; and 5. Stormaway Waterproof Coat at Joules.

Friday, 18 November 2016

baby shopping: shoulda put a fox on it

Any readers who follow me on Instagram will know that I am obsessed with all things fox related for the baby boy. It all began with this hat (above) that we were given by a friend. Which was followed by socks and then I found these leggings (below) earlier this week - from Nutmeg at Morrisons.

Like a woman possessed, I have scoured the internet for all things fox for babies - and there is a lot out there:

Shop this post: (clockwise from top left) That's Not My Fox board book; Fox stripe baby leggings; Fox jumper; Navy shawl collar fox cardigan; Fox print dress; Fox knitted dungarees; Fox embroidered dress; Jersey fox dungaree set; and Fox socks.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

style: #NextBonfireNight outfit

I love bonfire night - the cold that necessitates getting wrapped up, the warming bonfire, the sparklers, the fireworks and, most of all, a good excuse for everyone to be together, outside. I have wonderful memories of bonfire night celebrations in the village where I grew up. The evening would start with a lantern procession through the village with the Guy Falkes - all the way to the farm where there was a huge bonfire ready to be lit once the Guy was put on it. Then there'd be hot dogs and hot chocolate while we waited for the fireworks display.

Now that I have my own so, I'm looking forward to creating family traditions of our own that he will remember and cherish when he's grown up. He might be a bit too little yet to enjoy bonfire night and the fireworks this year so I think we'll be watching them from our window.

But if I was heading out on Saturday night, Next certainly has everything you need for bonfire night for all the family. Here's what I'd be wearing...


Shop the post:

Berry red is always a colour I love at this time of year - it reminds me of the turning leaves and the promise of Christmas. This loose fit jumper in berry is a stylish option for bonfire night - over the obligatory black skinny jeans. I love this cashmere cover-up as a very chic alternative to a winter coat. Then, just add a wooly bobble hat and cashmere gloves and you're all ready to watch the fireworks.