Monday, 28 November 2016

20 thoughts my baby has at nap time

I can’t comment on anyone else’s bundle of joy but my bundle seems to delight in putting off nap time for as long as possible. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this is what was going through his head at nap time….

  1. Feeling pretty tired now. It’s been at least two hours since I got mummy up. After I’d woken her up at least every hour in the night. I don’t want her to get lonely in the night.
  2. I’ll maybe give my eyes a rub. And yawn a bit. Might whinge a little too. Just so that mummy gets the idea that I’m tired.
  3. But what’s this? She’s putting me in my cot? For a nap? Oh no. That’s not what’s happening mummy!
  4. Well I might as well lie here for a few minutes. Let her think that I’m ready to go to sleep. In my cot. On my own. For the first time ever.
  5. But no. She’s been gone just long enough to be sitting down with a hot drink now. Well more fool her. I’ll cry and she’ll come.
  6. But wait, she did come but only to give me a kiss and a pat and to go again.
  7. Well two can play this game. I can cry all day if I need to.
  8. [some time later…] Yep she’s giving up. I can tell. I’m winning here.
  9. Right, we’re out of the cot and back down with mummy. Result.

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