Thursday, 3 November 2016

style: #NextBonfireNight outfit

I love bonfire night - the cold that necessitates getting wrapped up, the warming bonfire, the sparklers, the fireworks and, most of all, a good excuse for everyone to be together, outside. I have wonderful memories of bonfire night celebrations in the village where I grew up. The evening would start with a lantern procession through the village with the Guy Falkes - all the way to the farm where there was a huge bonfire ready to be lit once the Guy was put on it. Then there'd be hot dogs and hot chocolate while we waited for the fireworks display.

Now that I have my own so, I'm looking forward to creating family traditions of our own that he will remember and cherish when he's grown up. He might be a bit too little yet to enjoy bonfire night and the fireworks this year so I think we'll be watching them from our window.

But if I was heading out on Saturday night, Next certainly has everything you need for bonfire night for all the family. Here's what I'd be wearing...


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Berry red is always a colour I love at this time of year - it reminds me of the turning leaves and the promise of Christmas. This loose fit jumper in berry is a stylish option for bonfire night - over the obligatory black skinny jeans. I love this cashmere cover-up as a very chic alternative to a winter coat. Then, just add a wooly bobble hat and cashmere gloves and you're all ready to watch the fireworks.

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