Friday, 29 April 2016

pregnancy: a few thoughts

The past week or so I’ve been reflecting on my feelings about being pregnant. The third trimester feels like a particularly emotional time. You’re in the home straight, so to speak, thoughts turn to the birth of your baby and you start to really feel pregnant and uncomfortable.

A lot of people have commented on the size of my bump in recent weeks. What is that all about? Seriously? I realise that I’m pregnant and therefore getting bigger and I was prepared for this but when people look at the bump and are surprised that you have longer left than they thought, it starts to panic you. My bump is measuring slightly on the bigger side but it is still a nice neat bump that I’m happy with. I love the fact that the bump is actually a sign that my baby is healthy and growing well. I love feeling my baby move around, giving me little kicks and jabs to remind me he/she is there – as if I could forget! But I am struggling to find clothes that fit and are comfortable and don’t leave me feeling frumpy and slovenly.

I feel as though I’ve been pretty negative about my pregnancy: I spent the first trimester (and beyond) feeling and being sick, I’ve had hip and pelvic pain from the end of my first trimester and generally felt exhausted throughout. I was having a good old moan with a colleague that people who say they enjoy being pregnant are liars! But afterwards as I reflected I realised that I was maybe being a little over dramatic. I have loved being pregnant. I have loved the feeling of growing a little person, of feeling those first flutterings and now the bigger kicks. I have loved the excited and anticipation of what the future holds. Being pregnant feels like such a special time and I feel very very lucky to be able to have this experience and to carry a child. But, my goodness, the constant tiredness and surge of hormones make it difficult to fully appreciate it sometimes.

How have you felt - or did you feel - during your pregnancy?


  1. I hear you. The big countdown has begun. I wonder whether it depends on where baby is resting as to how big you get.

  2. Pregnancy can be such an up and down time can't it. I really do hate all the bump size comments though, everyone is different. Thanks for linking to #Maternitymondays

    1. Totally agree. It feels like it's a free for all for people to comment on your size when you're pregnant. No one would comment normally.