Monday, 9 May 2016

top tips: 5 ways to stay cool in the summer when pregnant

Turns out that the summer heat and sunshine can be particularly challenging when you're pregnant. I thought I’d share some tips for staying cool.

Summer definitely arrived this weekend in the UK. What a difference a week makes. Ridiculous to think that I was in huge jumpers and sheepskin boots last weekend and this weekend we were firing up the BBQ!

I love the sunshine and the summer heat – the minute the sun is out I am out in the garden and refusing to leave. Being pregnant in the heat is a totally different matter though. Yesterday I managed a couple of hours outside, before heading in for an epic nap.

With seven weeks still to go, I thought I’d share my tips from the weekend for staying cool in the heat when pregnant:

  1. Find shade or head indoors. A parasol will be your new best friend if you’re pregnant in the summer. Usually I’d happily lie out in the sun for hours but this weekend, I hid under the parasol while we ate lunch and then headed inside to try to keep cool.
  2. Drink lots. I’ve been drinking loads of water already during my pregnancy but when it’s hot outside, it’s even more important to drink more.
  3. Use sunscreen. I always use sunscreen anyway but when you’re pregnancy it’s even more important as your skin is much more sensitive.
  4. Wear loose clothing. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find anything tight around your bump is so uncomfortable in the heat. I’d already bought myself a couple of maxi dresses and was so glad of these at the weekend.
  5. Stick your feet in cold water. When I was outside for our BBQ at the weekend, I managed to stay a little longer with the help of a washing up bowl filled with cold water!

Anyone else got any tips for staying cool in the heat when you’re pregnant?



  1. When I was pregnant over the summer o had my feet in the paddling pool most of the time. This weekend I did feel sorry for anyone pregnant. I also froze things like grapes and had ice pops. Thanks for linking up #MaternityMondays

    1. I like the idea of frozen fruit - that sounds good! I'm looking forward to a summer of maternity leave - just not the next 6 weeks!

  2. These are fantastic tips. I am also feeling the heat particularly at night and on a 6 mile walk we did! #MaternityMondays

    1. I hope they help. Gosh - I definitely couldn't be doing a 6 mile walk right now! Well done :)