Monday, 18 April 2016

style: maternity wedding guest outfit

Following on from my post last week about the difficulties of finding stylish and affordable maternity wear, this week I’m tackling the tricky topic of what to wear to a wedding when you’re seven and a half months pregnant! Yep, in five weeks time (at 35 weeks pregnant) hubby and I will be attending a wedding and I have nothing to wear!

I say nothing. That is not strictly true as I have now bought four different options. And I think I have narrowed it down to two. I had a few criteria for the dress:
  1. Reasonably cheap as it’s fairly close to the end of my pregnancy and I might only wear it a few times.
  2. A maxi dress that will be comfortable and (hopefully) dressy.
  3. Something that isn’t so dressy I can’t wear it again.

My first stop was Asos. To be fair, on my rant about a lack of maternity wear, Asos do have a large selection but they are only online so any purchases involve buying various sizes to try and different styles. I did find quite a few options in the sale – some in my size, others not, some that looked nice, others that really didn’t.

Maternity wedding guest dresses

I have actually found a dress (not featured here) so I will post a photo after the wedding in May. I will say though that it can be worn again, is a nice breathable fabric so will be cool and was pretty cheap!

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