Friday, 26 February 2016

style: leather maternity leggings

I've always loved the leather legging look but never found the right pair. Maybe I need to look at real leather but, for me, they always seem so expensive! Then I got pregnant and found the perfect faux pair! These were totally a spur of the moment "add to basket" that I didn't give much thought to. I was ordering some maternity swimming costumes to try from the Next clearance when I spotted these leggings and figured I had nothing to loose. All of my other maternity trousers/leggings have been over the bump style so, again, I was unsure about these.

But the minute I tried them on, I knew they were for keeps! They have just the right amount of elastic in to hug my legs but also mean that they are easy to put on. The under the bump band also works fine - although I'll reserve judgement to see if they last for the latter stages of pregnancy.

Plus, Next do different leg lengths for their maternity wear, which for a shortly like me is a godsend! We don't all grow taller just because we're getting wider!!

maternity leather leggings

If you're looking to splurge, these Dover Maternity Leather Leggings by Isabella Oliver are just the ticket.

If you're on a budget, these Next maternity coated leggings are just £12!

I'm loving my faux leather leggings by Next - they are so easy to style. I'll be dressing them up for the evening with a lace top for evening and a pair of embellished flats (or heels if you fancy). For day, I'll be teaming the leggings with an oversized shirt and crisp white trainers:

how to wear leather look maternity leggings

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  1. Your evening looks r gorgeous. why you choose only maternity laggings and tunic..?