Monday, 22 February 2016

brand: Mokee

Mokee specialise in beautiful handcrafted baby products for your nursery. My sister alerted me to this brand, after her friend had one of their cots. Their product range is quite small but actually that’s probably better – it’s simple and perfectly formed. Their Pinterest and Instagram pages are a dream for planning your nursery. I basically want everything!


The wool nest moses baskets look so cosy, while the sleek cots are chic and modern.

We haven't started on our nursery conversion yet. We currently live in a three bed townhouse which means that the third bedroom is on the first floor with our living room, while the other two bedrooms are on the second floor. The third bedroom is currently an office-come-junk-room and the second bedroom, a spare room. We are planning to move the spare bed down and into the third bedroom and to turn our second bedroom into the nursery.

I will be sure to post before and after pics etc of the nursery make-over.


  1. Wow! You used my photo of nursery :):):) (the yellow-grey one) I feel kinda special :) Thank You :)

  2. Hope you don't mind! I found it on the Mokee Pinterest page. Which is yours?

    1. No, i don't :) i'm just happy that somebody appreciated my work i did on my nursery corner :) and if You're thinking about buying mokkee basket i totally say it is worth it! Easy to use and absolutely beautifull, the only advice i would make - buy also the inner lining (jersey for example) and a waterproof sheet - it helps to keep it clean.