Friday, 28 October 2016

review: cupcake re-useable nursing pads

For the past month or so I've been trying out these Cupcake re-useable nursing pads. I feel bad about the amount I'm throwing away with disposable nappies and breast pads and thought I'd give them ago.

I also found the disposable pads really hot and a bit gross, particularly in the warmer weather.

There's also the option to add liners to increase the absorbency of the pads if you are particularly engorged. You can either wear the pads alone, or add one or two extra liners which makes them quite unique.

These reusable pads are thin and lightly contoured for discretion under clothing however I didn't find them quite as discreet as the ultra slim disposable breast pads from Boots which I had been using.

They are very soft and comfortable. I tend to be most engorged overnight/early morning, when the baby boy misses a feed sometimes, so these work really well then as I don't mind them being a little bulkier than the disposable pads I had been using.

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