Monday, 10 October 2016

five truths about having a new born

My baby boy is three and a half months old. Apparently this means that he is no longer a newborn. This makes me sad. But also makes me want to do a mini fist pump - I survived the fourth trimester!!

The passing of time got me thinking about a few things that I know to be true about having a newborn:

five truths about having a new born

  1. A new born (and an older baby) knows when you're about to eat and are suddenly hungry too.
  2. The doorbell will always ring just as you get the baby to sleep.
  3. They will be happy and content until you step into the shower or sit on the toilet and then suddenly they become a crying and screaming mess.
  4. Yellow poo gets everywhere. Up the back. Up the front. All over you. Just as you're sitting with your bubba, both of you chilling out, you suddenly feel a rumbling and look down and see yellow poo all over them and you!
  5. And on that note, you'll become obsessed with poo. You'll talk about poo to anyone who listens - the colour, the consistency, the regularity. You'll share photos of your baby's poo with your partner. You'll worry about how often your baby has a poo, what it looks like - everything. In essence, your life will become all about your baby's poo!

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