Monday, 27 June 2016

beauty: SEVENTEEN brow's that! brow kit

Eyebrows are big right now. That's both in size and popularity. I have had a few emails in my inbox recently about how eyebrow products are set to rival mascaras.

Last week, in my first ever make-up tutorial video, I showed how to use the No7 Beautiful Eyebrow Kit. Today, it's the turn of the SEVENTEEN Brow's that! Brow Kit. The SEVENTEEN version is less than half the price - and with the addition of the eyebrow pencil, it offers a bit more. My only preference from the No7 kit is that the powder comes in two shades and it has a double ended brush, as well as a mascara style wand to neaten brows. But for less than £6, the SEVENTEEN kit is ideal.

You'll see from my before photo that as a teenager, I got my hands on my mum's tweezers and totally wrecked my brows - they are nearly non-existent by the ends! They barely show up in photos and I'm always a bit embarrassed about that. But this kit makes them a lot stronger.

The kit comes with an instruction card - always useful, particularly if you're unsure.

  1. Start with the brow pencil and using small strokes, fill in any gaps. You can also use the pencil to create the shape you want. I like to fill in my tadpoles so that the inner corner isn't so pronounced. 
  2. Next, use the wax on your brush to set your lashes. I'll be honest, I have a brow brush (like this one by Real Techniques) that I used for the wax and to get my actual brow hairs in line.
  3. Then use the brown powder to add a little more colour and definition. Finally, you can use the highlighter right under the brows.


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