Monday, 19 September 2016

what's in my changing bag?

Call me nosy but I've always loved a "what's in my bag" post - and now that I'm a mum, I enjoy the parent-friendly version, "what's in my changing bag". So I thought I would share the contents of my changing bag. I wasn't sure that I really wanted a traditional looking changing bag, so I'm currently using an H&M handbag I already had which had a waterproof lining. Later this week, I'll be posting some of the changing bags I've found that don't look like changing bags. For now, back to the contents of my bag:

  • First up, nappies. Of course! I usually carry between three and six nappies - you never know! 
  • Muslins are great for all manner of things - moping up, covering up, sun shade. I have at least two in my changing bag at any time - as well as a couple in every room of the house! The star muslin pictured is from Primark and the elephant one from Morrisons - I really like monochrome muslins.
  • As I'm using a "normal" bag, I needed a change mat. I found this Munchkin nappy change kit in Aldi and it's great as it's got so a few pockets and a detachable change mat (see below for the contents).
  • The Cath Kidston bag keeps some of the smaller bits I carry with me in one place - the contents are shown below.
  • Baby wipes are essential for any parent. We're using these Water Wipes at the moment.
  • I also carry nappy bags so that I can easily dispose of nappies. They also come in handy for soiled outfits!
  • Inside me Cath Kidston bag, I carry sunscreen for both baby and me, a tinted lip balm (this is about as much make up as I manage to wear these days!), hand gel (in case there isn't anywhere to wash my hands after a change) and nail scissors.
  • A spare outfit is essential - and used on a regular basis for us! The sunhat is left over from sunnier days this summer!
  • I carry my purse - obviously!
  • I also carry a notebook and pencil case so that when the baby boy and I are out during the day and stop for a coffee break, I can write some blog posts (or reminders!) to follow up later.

I've recently bought this carabiner clip from eBay to my pram - it's great for keeping things close at hand, like a bag, or an umbrella.

What do you carry in your changing bag? Anything I've missed?


  1. Oh I love these posts. I too am nosy and I love a good rummage in someone else's bag :)
    Thank you so much for linking up #MaternityMondays

  2. My change bag is such a mess, and I carry one less and less because my toddler is older, and indeed since I went back to work. You seem very organised with yours, which is good. :-) #MaternityMondays